The Organizing Committee Conference of the 21st “Feng Ru Cup” Competition

written by Cao Ling, Li Rui and Cao Runyu 2011.11.30| 1581hits



       In the afternoon of March 22nd, the organizing committee conference of the 21st"Feng Ru Cup" Student Academic Scientific and Technological Works Competition & College Student Creative Competition and Scientific Research Training Plan Selective Trial was held in the Ruxin Conference Center of Beihang University. Professor Wei Zhimin, the director of the "Feng Ru Cup" organizing committee & Vice President of Beihang University, Professor Shen Gongxun, the director of the evaluation committee, other leaders and organizing committee members of every college attended the conference, which was hosted by Lei Xiaofeng, Secretary of Beihang University’s Youth League Committee.

        During the conference, Gu Guangyao, Vice Secretary of Beihang University’s Youth League Committee introduced the improvement and arrangement of the 21st"Feng Ru Cup". And at the same time, he also stressed the innovation point of the 21st"Feng Ru Cup", for example, the “One Cup, Two Competitions” system, the competition direction paying attention to the transformation of the achievement, and promoting the internationalization of the competition. Then, as one members of Beihang University, Professor Shen Gongxun, the director of the evaluation committee told us about his experience in Beihang University and the "Feng Ru Cup", and he repeatedly emphasized the practical and innovational spirit embodied in the Feng Ru Spirit. On behalf of the evaluation committee, he solemnly illustrated fairness and justness of the evaluation, and put forward some valuable suggestions for the future direction of the "Feng Ru Cup". In the later exchange section, some organizing committee members gave some suggestions, such as to publicize the achievement of the previous "Feng Ru Cup", which provided better guidance for the improvement and perfection of the "Feng Ru Cup".

        Finally, Professor Wei Zhimin summarized the significances of the "Feng Ru Cup", which can pass on and inherit the Feng Ru Spirit, create positive harmonious campus culture, and promote the cultivation of talents. Besides, he put forward some requirements for the current competition, and suggestion that is to internationalize the "Feng Ru Cup". He also hoped that Beihang University can made great achievement in the "Challenge Cup".

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