The Organizing Committee Conference of the 22nd “Feng Ru Cup” Competition

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    The organizing committee conference of 22nd "Feng Ru Cup" Student Academic Scientific and Technological Works Competition was held in the east conference room on the 1st floor of Yifu Science Center, Beihang University in the afternoon of Mar. 22nd, 2012. Professor Wei Zhimin, director of the "Feng Ru Cup" organizing committee and vice president of Beihang University, professor Shen Gongxun, director of the evaluation committee, other leaders as well as organizing committee members of every college attended this conference. Lei Xiaofeng, secretary of Youth League Committee, Beihang University hosted the conference.

    As this year marks the 60th anniversary of Beihang University and the year of talents, this conference, by taking the education in the two campus of Beihang University into consideration, stated that the 22nd "Feng Ru Cup" will realize the integration of innovative idea, innovation work and job creation for the first time. It also further clarified the rules of competition: three categories of works in one competition and paid great attention to the internationalization of this event and alteration part of the rules.

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