Feng Ru Cup


      Founded in 1990, the “Feng Ru Cup” - named after Feng Ru, the first Chinese aircraft designer and aviator - has become a high-level academic and science and technology gala for students held annually at Beihang University. The event takes the form of a competition in which participating students present their own innovations and inventions. However, a series of other activities will also be held during the “Feng Ru Cup” competition including special lectures, science and technology salons, workshops and a student innovation expo. Over the past two decades some 13,420 innovations and invention projects from 34,208 participants have appeared at the “Feng Ru Cup” competition. Many of these went on to be granted patents and produced commercially. Since 2011, Feng Ru Cup has attracted many students from partner universities of Beihang to share their achievements of research and innovation.

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