Application Notes:

1. Time for Application:

     April 1th to April 18th, 2016.

2. For further information of application, please refer to the "Statement".

3. Please Note:

      You have to bring with you the completed project (if the project is a thesis, please also prepare three copy versions of the thesis), the posters (if the posters are not convenient to carry, you may also provide the electronic version of them to the standing committee, who will help you make posters) and the relevant prohibited materials.


Process of Registration and Application:


1. Online Registration:

      Please login the competition website, click "Register" to become new users. Then you are required to complete your project information.

2. Application for Your Project:

       A. First click "Competition Entrance" and then select "My Project" to start your application.

       B. All contents should be completed.

       C. The thesis need to be of PDF format.

       D. Upload materials need to be of PDF format and saved in one document.

       E. After finishing the application, you may enter into the evaluation stage. After passing our evaluation, you need to fill in the invitation information through the website.

3. Fill in the Invitation Information

     Click "Competition Entrance" and select "Invitation" to finish your information.

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