Specifications for Special Competition


1. “Energy Saving and Emission Cutting”


(1) Background

      The environment pollution and energy crisis get more severe under the current international condition. And the result is the global warming and bad climates destroying our homeland. Energy conservation becomes the high-profile hot topic. Since the “eleven-five” project begins, the authority regards the energy efficiency as the most important development process in the china’s road of revival. In order to guarantee the energy efficiency and energy management, the talent cultivation is fatal.

      Thus the Ministry of Education publishes the relevant documents that the Department of Higher Education host and depute the energy power subject teaching guidance committee of the Higher School in The Ministry of education to be responsible to the “National University Student Social Practice and Science Contest on Energy Saving & Emission Reduction”. By this way, we set the “Energy Saving and Emission Cutting” special contest and select the great works as the representatives of the university to compete in national competitions.


(2) Competition Theme

      Green Beihang, Beautiful China.


(3) The Competition Contents

      According to the theme of Energy Saving and Emission Cutting, the entity which is based on the new ideas and the new thinking, software, designing and the practice of social investigation report etc.


(4) Reference

      This year’s “Energy Saving and Emission Cutting” special contest in Fengru Cup provides the references which are alternative but not limited. Competitors can choose the other study directions.

The reference directions are listed as follows:

      Energy saving and emission cutting in aviation technology;

      New energy management information


      Multi energy complementary development of the Comprehensive utilization technology in small hydropower, wind energy, solar energy, straw;

      Natural gas, coal gas, biomass fuel and other clean energy preparation and application technology;

      Iron and steel industry "energy-saving emission reduction" technology;

      "Energy-saving emission reduction" green building technology;

      Transportation "energy-saving emission reduction" technology;

      Turbine flow path retrofit, cooling tower circulating water system optimization, condensed water recovery and utilization;

      Frequency control of motor speed, motor speed control system of permanent magnet, reactive power compensation and other energy-saving technical renovation;

      Logistics public information platform;

      Toll collection technology of expressway;

      Information service system for public travel;

      Motor system energy saving;

      Energy monitoring platform and energy detection technology;

      Technology of building energy saving reform;

      The technology of air conditioning temperature control of public buildings;

      Network configuration optimization of steam, hot water and other energy carrier medium energy saving technology, transmission and distribution equipment;

      "Energy-saving emission reduction" technology system of electric energy;

      Coal energy "energy-saving emission reduction" technology;

      Non-ferrous metal production and recycling "energy-saving emission reduction" technology;

      The oil production of "energy-saving emission reduction" technology;

      "Energy-saving emission reduction" technology of chemical industry;

      The production of building materials, processing "energy-saving emission reduction” technology;

      Industrial product eco design, agriculture and service industry clean production technology;

      Industrial wastewater treatment technology;

      Qing pretreatment sewage diversion and high concentration wastewater technology;

      Alternative fuel technology with alcohol fuel, bio diesel car;

      Energy system optimization techniques;

      Transportation logistics transportation optimization model is established;

      Advanced transportation management techniques;

      Energy consumption of integrated management technology of large passenger station;

      Energy saving environmental protection automobile gas filling station, charging station facilities planning;

      Low carbon transportation system construction;


(5) The Prize

      The first prize: 1 group, RMB3000

      The second prize: 2 groups, RMB 2000

      The third prize: 3 groups, RMB 1000

      The encouragement prize: 4 groups, RMB 500


2. “Three-dimensional digital innovation design contest (abbreviation: 3D contest)”


(1) Background

      China authority attach importance to the individual innovation and this contest is under the new era of the transmission from “made in China” to “created in China”.


(2) Competition Theme

      As the theme of propelling the prevalence of 3D technology and concept of combining the technology and art, the contest is aimed to promote the innovation culture, propel the cultivation of the talents, push the development of the application of 3D technology and implement the innovative country construction.


(3) Contest Contents

      The contest uses the declaring and appraising method of classification declaration, classification appraisal and comprehensive rewarding, which divides into item A: industrial designing and engineering machine; item B: art designing and expression.

      Every class of works must be declared as the originality report on the internet, where the contents should contain of two parts: the first part is the state of the originality theme, originality background, designing draft and the questions that you have resolved; the second part is the explanation of the feasibility of your work, the analysis of the relevant sectors’ basic condition. What should be emphasized is the theory must be in accordance with the facts and the relevant reference should be marked clearly.


(4)Reference Direction

      A: Industrial designing and engineering machinery part

      Standing on the angle of the industrial designing and engineering machinery application, competitors should create a 3D printing work or a assistant work which can achieve the product’s industrial value in any period of the classification of technology and invention making(machinery making, electromechanical controlling, material, information technology and life science), such as the mouse or a single spare part. The team needs to provide a concrete blue print of 3D print.

      Under the theme of scientific and technological innovation, any valuable innovation exploration is encouraged. There are no restrictions on technical innovations, whether they are innovations of principle, layout and structure, driving force, material, external load, and/or flight mode. In addition, designs and productions showing the aviation culture and green aviation concepts are advocated and encouraged.

      B: Art designing and expression

      This contest aims to make the 3D printing work that can achieve the ornamental art value, such as jewelries, ornaments, sculptures, character design, scene design, still life design, etc. The team needs to provide a concrete blue print of 3D print.


(5) The Prize

      Considering of the works’ innovation, feasibility and integrality comprehensively, the appraisal committee will appraise in classification and reward in combination according to the contents in the sixth item. Both of the two classes set the first second and third prizes, where the amount cannot separately overpass 2%, 5% and 10% of the whole contest’s effective work amount. Besides, the prizes of each contest are allowed to be vacant. And the committee members are all on the agreement that the amount of the three prizes can be adjusted due to the facts, where the adjusted proportion cannot be higher than 3%.


3. “Future Aircraft”


(1) Background

      The environment problems is becoming worse and the global warming is obviously influencing people’s habitant. It is the common responsibility of all humans to restrain it. Because of the over-exploiting of the natural resource since the industrial revolution, we are lack of the non-renewable resources. The virescence of the aviation industry is on the way.

      The exhaust gases that the airplanes let contain of the Carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, sulphur oxides and carbon particles. For the airplanes fly in the upper air, the exhaust gas have more destroys to the ozone layer. The study shows that the CO2 amount caused by the airplanes is 2 to 4 times than it caused by the surface.


(2) Competition Theme

      Developing the green aviation is helpful to promote the circumstance of people’s surroundings. Popularizing the strategy of the green development, which the green aviation is one of the most important part of, has the great effect to the achievement. Meanwhile, the development of the green aviation can push the promotion of new technology.


(3) Contest Contents

      The competing work should have the paper report, which must follow the formulation strictly and overpasses 5000 words with appropriate amount of pictures. We have machinery designing, electronic controlling, material, information technology, management optimizing and comprehensive these six classes.


(4) Reference Direction

      The reference directions are listed as follows:

      The traditional motor system energy saving;

      Research and development of new energy-saving engine;

      Energy monitoring platform and energy detection technology;

      Exhaust gas treatment technology;

      Preparation and application of clean energy technology;

      Alcohol fuel, bio diesel and other alternative fuel technology;

      Solar energy, hydrogen energy, nuclear energy, aerospace applications;

      The concept of green aircraft;             

      Transportation logistics transportation optimization model is established;

      Advanced transportation management techniques;

      The integrated management of the airport energy technology;

(5) Prize

      First prize: 5 groups

      Second prize: 10groups

      Third prize: 15groups


4. "Nokia interconnected world”


(1) Competition background:

      BUAA "Fengru Cup" Nokia interconnected world special competition is a "Fengru Cup" competition in the establishment of four special competitions, hosted by the school of electronics and information engineering, sponsored by Nokia communication system technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.. The competition is for all undergraduates, and also invites college student teams from home and abroad.


(2)Theme of the competition:

      "Nokia interconnected world” special competition adopts “interconnected world" as the theme, aims at the integration mode of the "Internet + reshaping technology and daily life, promotes the “Internet +” science and technology innovation, popularizes the knowledge of networking, 5g communication, cloud computing and other science and technology, and create a cultural atmosphere of" Internet +.


(3) Content of competition

      The project works participating the competition are required to submit a paper to the competition; this paper should be strictly in accordance with the format and requirements of the "Fengru Cup" competition students’ academic science and technology works.


(4) Directions for reference

      "Nokia interconnected world” special competition provides directions for reference, the author can refer to but not limited to the following directions:

1. networking technology

2. 5G communication technology

3. telecom cloud technology

4. big data technology

5. information security technology

6. virtual reality technology, etc.


(5) Awards:

      The comprehensive evaluation committee awards entries considering innovation, practicality, feasibility and other factors of the work.

      First-prize: 1, second-prize: 2, third-prize 3, encouragement prize: 4;

      Bonus: first-prize 3000 yuan, second-prize 2000 yuan, third-prize 1000 yuan, encouragement prize 500 yuan.

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